Week 1 – getting organised.

There are a number of different checks and balances that I’ve put in place for myself and for my peers this module as I’m aware that it’s going to be a lot easier for any one of us to fall behind this time around with this module’s less rigid weekly structure. For myself, one thing that I really wanted to do was to start keeping a weekly diary to plan out my time and to reflect on what has happened each week. I scoured the market to try and find one that I liked but none of them worked exactly how I wanted. In the end I decided to just take the best aspects from a couple of different ones and design my own. I’ve printed it out on good quality paper and popped it into a big folder which isn’t the most portable option but it works for my needs:

I’ll be sure to add an image of each week’s planner update to my blog posts moving forward so that I can reflect on what I got done that week and what I could perhaps have done better.

The second thing that I have put together is a shared spreadsheet for our peer-to-peer sessions so that we can each set ourselves weekly goals and can discuss them in more detail when we meet to ensure that we’re all moving forward at a good pace. For these first few sessions I have organised and led the peer-to-peer discussions but I don’t envision myself taking charge for the entire module. Other students like Lindsay have already expressed interest in running some in the future and I think that it will be good to share the workload of organising them between us so that I don’t burn out. At the moment we’re running two sessions a week – Thursday and Sunday to accommodate the students that are overseas and who struggle to make our weekday evening session. I’m not sure what the best workaround is going to be moving forwards but we will see how it goes for now with two sessions, perhaps that many will be needed.

Between these two resources and our more informal group chat / private group on Facebook I’m hopeful that enough has been put in place to help structure ourselves as we move toward this more independent learning model. I will keep an eye on how things are going, at the moment the shared document seems to be well used and the peer-to-peer sessions are well attended so things are looking good for now.

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