Week 16 – Putting together a design brief

This week’s webinar centred on the development of a personal design brief to help us focus in on the deliverables each of us hoped to produce as an outcome to our studio practice. I had been finding it quite difficult to focus back on design after being so deep in research up until this webinar & so I found it particularly helpful as a kick start to get my brain thinking in this way again.

We were asked to separate out our brief into four areas – Deliverables, content, production methods and production schedule. Each of us wrote up in as much detail as we could our plans for these four areas and then shared them back with each other in groups. Here are mine from the webinar:

I’m pretty happy with this workload and these outcomes, the brand identity document will be the most important by far and I expect that it will take the longest to refine, as such I’ve decided to work on that first giving me overspill time into the following two weeks should I need it.

Alongside these design tasks I will of course also keep refining and developing my business plan. I’ve given myself a soft deadline of 1 week before the submission to have a draft completed of the report, this gives me time to work on the design and to work out any kinks before submission. I’m going to have to manage my time really well over the coming weeks to ensure that I’m able to pursue both elements at the same time. Should anything go wrong or should I fall behind schedule the 1 week that I’ve given myself to work on the promotional materials can instead be given over to working on the report. On the whole I feel good about this plan, it’s structured in what I think is a good way. I’ll cover each week’s specific schedule closer to the time but a rough timeline of my plans is as follows:


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