What is the Graduates’ Guild and how will it work?

The plan with the Graduates’ Guild is to focus on three key areas:

The idea is that as a community we’re working together to make connections, support each other and help each other to develop ourselves.

How does it work financially?

  • Members pay a monthly fee to the guild of £10.
  • That money is then pooled and split into three pots.
  • Each month a poll goes out to all members asking what kind of support they’d most like that month, majority vote decides what we invest in as a group that month. 1/3 of money raised from membership goes towards paying for as much of a professional’s time as we can afford. If there is a high demand for a particular service, more than we can afford then members will be drawn from a hat to receive a slot of time with the support person.
  • As the group grows more time could be paid for and potentially we could even look to take someone on permanently in a supporting role or pay for multiple freelancers each month.
  • Guild members with support skills will also be encouraged to volunteer some of their time to fellow members where they’re able.

The rest of the funds are used to pay for space and materials needed to deliver a range of events throughout the month. These will change from month to month, new ideas for events are welcomed and over time certain events will likely become popular enough to happen regularly. A mix of events to accommodate different personality types and interests will be arranged with some events marked as ‘sober’ non drinking events.

Down the line, should the group continue to grow then larger events will be planned such as big members only club nights and excursions. Eventually the plan would be to have a large enough membership that we could lease our own premises within the city which would be ‘members only’ and where we would host a proportion of our events.

Why become a member?

  • Gain access to exclusive events in the city
  • Members receive a membership card – feels cool to be part of something
  • Down the line we could try to partner with businesses to get members discounts

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