Weeks 11 & 12 – Struggles with motivation, starting to think about an outcome.

I’m writing this in the second week of the May break, I had to take some time away from my project to gain a little perspective I think. I was running out of motivation and my project had changed so much from my initial ideas that I wasn’t even sure that this was something I really believed in anymore. My original plan for weeks 11 and 12 had been to start focusing on the actual brand identity & design of my outcome but in the end it became a kind of unofficial hiatus to recharge and refocus myself.

Even though I didn’t achieve what I’d hoped to over the past few weeks, the time wasn’t entirely wasted. I spent some time compiling visual research into a moodboard and started to plan out the various sections of what will eventually become my business plan.

My hope now is to get back on the horse having taken some time off and to push forwards with both of these aspects of the project over the rest of the May break.

Coming up with a name that works.

One of the main things that I struggled to work through in weeks 11 and 12 was that I couldn’t figure out a catchy name for the project that was suitable for my needs. I’ve established that what I want to design was a ‘students’ union for graduates’ but the question I couldn’t answer was how to communicate that idea through a name without it sounding like it was affiliated with or owned by one of Bristol’s universities. As I’d established in my chat with Amy, such an affiliation could be a major put-off for a lot of graduates that have moved to the city and not studied there themselves. It could signal that this group isn’t for them which is the opposite of what I want!

I spent ages on this problem, probably a lot longer than I should have but I figured that before I could start thinking about the branding and identity it was important to know what the hell the thing was called! In the end I came up with something that I’m really happy with. I decided that I couldn’t use the word ‘union’ at all in the name, it has too specific a connotation. When paired with the word ‘Graduate’ it immediately makes you think of a university society. What I landed on was ‘The Graduates’ Guild’. It’s snappy, alliterative and the initials GG are fun to work with. GG is often used as a shorthand way of saying ‘good game’ at the end of an online video game and because of this common use the term has bled through into more common parlance too with a lot of younger people using it in texts and messaging to generally mean good job or well done. It’s a positive association that’s a little bit fun too and I think it works well for the concept. Guild also works well here I think as an alternative to union. The word implies a level of exclusivity, community & the sharing of knowledge that is perfect for my needs.

The next step for me is going to be to really flesh out what the parameters of this business idea are as up until this point they’ve been somewhat nebulous and changeable. I have a pretty solid idea at this point of what it would look like and how it would fund itself but I need to get it down on paper before I can do much more with my business plan or my design work.


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